Tract Preparation

    My goal is not to build an empire for myself, but to empower individual Christians to begin their own ministries.  But any ministry begins with small practical steps.  Even tract distribution requires preparation.  We can't just throw tracts to the four winds and hope for the best.  I learned some of these things over the course of many years and share them with you now so you won't have to learn by trial and error.

    I recommend putting tracts in sealable, water proof plastic snack or sandwich bags.  Fold over bags won't work.  I once handed out a bunch of tracts in a parking lot when a sudden rain came up.  Though it lasted only a few minutes, the downpour was so intense, it ruined all my tracts.  I decided from then on to put all my tracts in plastic bags.  The bags also protect the tracts from dirt, mud, or water if they are dropped or (rarely) thrown away.  I can pick them up, clean them off, and reuse them.  My wife suggested putting the tracts in the bags upside down when you put them in car door handles or under windshield wiper blades.  That way, rain or snow won't collect in the flaps and leak into the bag when it is opened.  Also. bags make it possible to add cards inside your tracts.

    Cards can be used to add extra information to your tracts.  Some tracts have been made with the mistake of not allowing enough room to put down your contact information.  Small business cards inside the tracts can solve this problem.  Also, you can use these cards to refer people to  more information about your tracts' subject.  For example, if your tract is about the Resurrection of Christ, you can put on references to books, articles, or web sites for more details about the topic.  Also you can print up key Bible verses with varied icons and fonts.  Cards can also advertise other ministries.  While you can't print on both sides of a card, you can print information on one side and put a label with your contact information on the other side.

    Labels can also add information to your tracts, and the most important information is your contact information.  Distributing tracts is a good, important means of witnessing.  But tracts alone can't save people.  Once someone comes under conviction, they need to talk to a Christian, and the best person to talk to is the one who handed out the tract.  If you are reluctant to put your personal contact information out in the public, I have some suggestions I have tried myself.  First, get permission from your church or any para-church organization you've joined to use their contact information for your tracts.  If they refuse to give you permission, then create your own ministry.  Jack Chick once had a tract distribution program called, "The Fisherman's Club."  I don't suppose he would mind your using the name, especially if you distribute his tracts!  If you print your labels up on your own computer, I would suggest adding an eye-catching icon.  If you want to keep your home address private, rent a post office box.  Let the post master know that your box receives mail for "The Fisherman's Club."  Also, if you want to keep your home phone number private, buy a prepaid trac phone and use its number for your tract label.  Sometimes space for contact information may be so limited that you will need to use transparent labels so you won't block out the tract publisher's contact information.  If you can't get labels printed up, a rubber stamp and ink pad will do the job, too.

    If the tract has enough room, you can also use information labels.  Don't overload them, but you can put information related to your tract's subject.  If the tract is about Christ's Deity, refer the reader to books or web sites on that subject.

    For the price of some tracts, baggies, cards, and labels, you can begin witnessing.  There is no need for years of preparation, a huge budget, a large team, or a big building.  You, my brothers and sisters, can begin now, by yourself, to reach the unsaved and motivate other Christians to start witnessing.  As you begin handing out tracts, you will want to learn more methods and reach more people for Christ.  God bless you as you serve Him!

A sample label:


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