Creation VS Evolution

"I think we can solve the creation -- evolution controversy rather easily," a liberal media pundit recently sneered. "Schools should teach only the facts, right? Since the facts all back evolution, then only evolution should be taught in the public schools, right?" But creationists would disagree that all the facts back evolution. I have listed below some resources to allow you to find out about creationism first hand from creationists. I find the liberal position baffling and contradictory. Liberals originally demanded that evolution be taught in the public schools in the name of academic freedom. Than, once they got into the public schools, they shifted ground and demanded that creationism be excluded in the name of separation of church and state. My, what ever happened to all this liberal talk about openmindedness, civersity, and listening to other points of view? And if prayer, Bible reading, and Creationism violated the Constitution's original intent, why didn't the Founding Fathers demand these things be excluded in their day? Why not let evolutionists present evolution and creationists present creation and let students decide for themselves?

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William M. Kelly