Cliches that Cripple

I want to give you my two cents worth about cliches.  I hate them like poison.  It's a fate worse than death to let them creep into our writing.  But it's even worse to let cliches creep into our thinking.  The appeal of these mind-numbing cliches is that they sound good and make the speaker feel that he has actually helped someone.  But we can see that these cliches are meaningless on closer examination and useless in actual practice.  Their purpose is to stop inquiry and thought concerning moral, intellectual, and situational challenges we face in our Christian lives.  Christians quote these cliches and misapplied Bible verses like magic spells as if just speaking makes something happen.  The result is a diffusion of our spiritual growth and action.  We must  look these cliches, expose their errors and commit ourselves to serving God with full understanding.  Cliched thinking lurks in the back of our minds and influences our attitudes and actions without our conscious awareness.  No wonder the church is going to hell in a hand basket!  Or is that a hand cart?

Christian Cliches

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