Worn Out Their Welcome  







Dear Editor,

The second article in the Thursday, September 7, 2017, edition of the Warsaw Times-Union is about "Muslim Americans working to secure their civil rights."  As Muslim immigration and influence increase, we disbelievers better work to secure our own civil rights, because we won't have any under Sharia Law.  Look at what's happening in Europe to see what's coming to America.  If Muslims are unpopular, it is because of their own actions.  "Austria: 90% of asylum seekers end up on welfare." (9-17-17 Robert Spencer jihadwatch.org).  Muslims see welfare payments as jizya payments, or protection money due them from infidels to "the faithful."   Anjen Choudry, a UK Muslim hate preacher jailed for supporting ISIS calls it "Jihad Seekers Allowance."  "You work, give us money."  Still on the dole?  CAIR was mentioned.  Spokesman Ibrahim Hooper of CAIR said he would "like the government of the US to be Islamic" (citizenwarriorfacebook.com 3-29-17).  Watch this video of a Muslim giving a lecture in Toronto: "Maryland Imam 'Goal of Jihad is Sharia ... Sharia spread by the sword" (creepingsharia.wordpress.com 9-19-17).  Anjen Choudry also said, "You will have no choice.  Sharia law is coming to a place near you" (citizenwarriorfacebook.com 10-1-16).  Still enjoying Islam's cultural enrichment?

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