"Christians Should Witness"

Warsaw Times-Union

Tuesday, September 26, 2017 p5A


Dear  Editor,

The Thursday, September 7, 2017, edition of the Warsaw Times-Union had a couple of interesting articles on page 7A.

The first was about declining white Christians in America.  I'm not surprised.  Mark Cahill, author of The One Thing You Can't Do In Heaven pointed out that only two percent of evangelical Christians are even witnessing (markcahill.org).  Liberal denominations don't bother because they believe everyone is going to Heaven anyway.  Many conservative Christians don't witness because they expect Jesus to come back any minute to save them from the embarrassment of witnessing for Him.  They aren't bothered that things are getting worse, because the Schofield Bible notes tell them we're in the Laodicean Age, and the Church is supposed to fail miserably, don't you know?  I wrote a letter "Witnessing" to the Times-Union 8-17-2015, offering a free witnessing plan, the Cornerstone Initiative, at my website candlepowerusa.com using tracts.  The program takes little time, money, or training, and forms a basis of confidence and experience for other witnessing efforts.  The offer still stands.  I've heard all sorts of excuses over the years for not witnessing, from predestination to giftedness.  These excuses all boil down to "I don't want to do it."  Please don't run your excuses by me.  I'm not the One Who has to believe them.


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