In the future, I will present other evangelistic programs. But for a quick start, I suggest Christians begin handing out tracts. The best tracts I have ever seen and used are Chick Tracts. When he sticks to the Bible and evangelism, Chick is very effective. I do not endorse his materials on Satanism or Catholicism, because I find his sources of information to be questionable. I recommend the following tracts for a start:

Check at your local Christian Bookstore or contact:

Chick Publications
P.O. Box 3500
Ontario, CA 91751 – 1019
USA (909) 987-0771



Distribution tips – Always make sure you put your name address, email and phone number or your church’s on your tracts. A convert, potential convert, or enquirer needs to meet and fellowship with more experienced Christians. Also put your tracts for outside distribution in snack bags so an unexpected rain will not ruin your booklets. Also you can punch a hole in the bag's outer flap so you can loop a rubberband through it and hang the bag from a doorknob.

Tract distributing (or lit-nessing) can be used to teach Christians to witness. I suggest an experienced believer take an inexperienced Christian out witnessing. To begin with, have the new witness begin by putting tracts under wind shield wiper blades. Since most Christians have never witnessed, this will get them used to sharing the Gospel before they make human contact. Next have them give tracts to people with a simple greeting. Then take the new witnesses out as part of a witness team. Have them assist at first, then move them into a leading role in witnessing. Thus tract distribution can be used not only as a witness technique, but as a teaching aid for evangelism.

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