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August 17, 2015

Dear Editor,

In a recent column (7-7-15, p4A), Cal Thomas said "Evangelicals should return to core beliefs." He pointed out that Christians put too much reliance on politicians and exhorted Christians to evangelize. C.S. Lewis, decades ago made similar admonitions in a couple of essays. Ė "Social Morality" (Mere Christianity) and "Meditations on the Third Commandment" (God in the Dock). Lewis warned that many politicians like parts of Christianity but not all of it. They come not to learn what it teaches but to find support for views they already hold. Also Lewis warns that Christians will always be a minority in any political party they join. Like Cal Thomas, Lewis urged Christians to spread the Gospel. His book Mere Christianity is made up of his BBC broadcasts on Christian apologetics.

Cal Thomasí column is good as far as it goes. Thomas talks about evangelism but does not go into details about how to witness. Mark Cahill, author of The One Thing You Canít Do In Heaven points out that only 2% of evangelical Christians actively witness (website, Most use the dodge "We pay the preacher to do that." Few take the witnessing classes that churches seldom offer. Many drop out before the classes conclude and few witness afterward. To remedy this problem, Iíve come up with The Cornerstone Initiative, a "litnessing" or tract distribution program. Tract distribution doesnít require a lot of time, training, or money. It can be used by individuals, duos, small groups, or whole churches. Tract distribution can be incorporated into other outreaches as well. I have some start up information at my web site under "The Cornerstone Initiative." You can copy and use it for free. All I ask is that you quote me in full and give credit where credit is due. I remember once D.L. Moody was criticized for his methods by someone who didnít witness at all. When he found out that his critic didnít witness, Moody said, "Sir, I like the way I do it better than the way you donít do it.

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