"Tell It All Brother"

                                           Mailed:  March 31, 2020

                                       Not Published

Dear Editor

Liberals tell us slavery is racist and was invented by whites to use against non-whited.  However, slavery was invented before there was a USA and even before there was writing. ("After all, Didn't America invent slavery?"  Tom Lindsay 8-20-19 forbes.com).  Slavery was practiced all over in both the Old and New Worlds.  Slavery was practised by Africans against Africans before Europeans became customers along with the Muslims (you know, adherents of the "black man's religion")(/"Five Things They Don't Tell You About Slavery" Rich Lowry 9-14-19 nationalreview.com)  Spain and Portugal were the first European nations to practise the three E's (Exploitation, Enslavement, and Extermination) against indigenous people in America.  Check out how the Aztecs and the Incas treated other native Americans.  The only reason Cortez defeated the Aztecs was because native people rose up after promises of liberty by conquistadores.  See the video "The 5 Most Ruthless and Feared Conquistadors"  (Christal Lesniak) and "Spanish Colonization (1491-1607" (khanacademy.org), all before 1619 when liberals date the beginning of slavery in America.  Spanish conquests stretch from the southern tip of South America to as far north as the Dakotas and as far east as Georgia.  Brazil, Protugal's South Smerican colony, took the majority of  African slaves.  After the Civil War, Southern planters planned to restart their plantations in Brazil.  Native Americans owned black slaves, too.  The Cherokee took their black slaves with them on "the trail of tears," put down slave up-risings, and sided with the Confederacy ("How Native American Slave-holders Complicate the Trail of Tears Narrative" Ryan P. Smith  3-6-18 smithssonianmag.com).  Also, free blacks bought black slaves in the USA.  See the article, "Did Black People Own Slaves?" (theroot.com 3-4-13) by Henry Louis Gares, Jr., Pres. Obama's drinking buddy.  The Democrats are clearly pandering for votes from blacks, Latinos, and Amerikkka haters by ignoring non-white slave owners and focusing only on white slave owners.  Only 5% of the African slaves shipped to the New World went to the USA, while 41% went to  South America and 48% went to the Caribbean.  To blame only one group for the Atlantic slave trade is to exonerate all the others (The Atlantic Slave Trades: Crash Course  World History #24).



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