Telephone Evangelism

    Telephone evangelism is a good starter program for churches to  train witnesses and reach out to the unsaved.  This does not involve random calling (which may be blocked in many areas).  Rather, the program involves distributing "calling cards."  These are business cards that read "The Phone Call You'll Never Forget" with a 1-800 number connected to a phone answering machine.  The phone answering machine will have a brief evangelistic message and contact information for the caller to  arrange a meeting with a pastor or trained witness. One source of evangelistic messages could be the Navigators' one verse witness (see ).  The card can have a phone icon (like the one above) but no religious images.  The calling card should arouse people's interest, not give away your intention. This is a good way of training people to witness.  Like introductory tract distribution, Christians do not have to make personal contact, just leave the cards in conspicuous places like phone booths, waiting room end tables, or with your tip at a restaurant. Once prospects leave their contact information with the church, trained witnesses can follow up with a personal visit.  Those who began witnessing by handing out calling cards can learn to counsel prospects in person.

    Idea shared by Walt Popart.

Sample Card

                       The Phone Call You'll                 Never Forget!


You can use different icons and fonts for variety.

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