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Friday, November 22,  2019


Power and Control


Dear Editor

Daniel Webster said that the  power to tax is the power to destroy (1798 Daniel Webster  I might add "to threaten, intimidate, and control."  Democratic presidential hopefuls Beto O'Rourke (now defunct) and Cory Booker have suggested  using the power to tax to force churches to go along with gay marriages [Beto O'Rourke's church taxation proposal would hand Trump re-election, 10-14-19/ Ben Shapiro Blasts Cory Booker for blasphemous remarks on religion, 10-22-19].  Democrats are real big on separation of church and state until the state or people who want to run the state start telling the church what to believe and do.


Alexander Hamiolton said that the President of the United States "has no particle of spiritual jurisdiction," while the King of Great Britain "is the supreme head and governor of the national church!" (The Federalist Papers No. 69).  Yet O'Rourke and Booker advocate for religious discrimination if Christians and Jews don't agree with then on homosexuality.  (Muslims are not addressed, Islam and Homosexuality,  Now who are the theocrats?  Some claim that political advocacy voids a church's tax exempt status.  Oh, really?  Democrats didn't seem to believe this when ministers like Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr., meddled in politics by advocating civil rights when segregation was the law.  Democrats didn't mind when churches, priests, and ministers opposed our government's involvement in the Viet Nam War.  They don't object to 'theocratic laws' against murder, robbery, and perjury (Ex. 20:13-16).  I guess Democrats consider adultery a sin or a crime only if Republicans commit it.  Only when churches oppose liberal policies like legalizing abortion and gay marriage do Democrats scream "separation of church and state" and threaten to use taxation as a fine for political activism (The 15 Biggest Lies in Politics by Major Garrett, chap 3).  Fellow Christians, when election time comes around, remember which political party wants to use taxes as a club to force you to agree with them.

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