Bible Says (Title in Warsaw-Times Union, March 25, 2010)

Super Bowl


One of the strangest arguments gay libbers and their apologists use against the Bible involves the Super Bowl! Even some Christians who should know better (Tony Campolo Speaking My Mind 65) say that is we strictly followed the Bible we would put the Super Bowl at risk, because everyone knows that footballs are made of pigskins and the Bible says pigs are unclean (Lev. 11:6-8). So gay apologists argue that since Christians ignore some parts of the Bible, they can ignore the parts they do not like. I cannot speak for modern Judaism (though here is someone who can But here are a couple of reasons why Christians and Gentiles (non-Jews) do not have to follow Levitical laws.


One of the reasons for dietary regulations was to give Israel a separate culture from the Gentiles (Ex. 19:5; Deut. 14:1-2 ff.). However, the Lord Jesus inaugurated a new covenant (Mk. 14:24; Heb. 8:7-13). Even during His earthly ministry, He declared all foods to be clean (Mk. 7:19).


The second reason we do not have to worry about the Superbowl is modern footballs are not made of pigskin! Soccer, football, and rugby developed from the English custom of kicking around the severed head of an executed Viking raider ( Pig bladders replaced human heads and leather coverings were added to make the balls more durable. "Pigskin" referred to the bladder, not the covering. As college football developed in the 19th century, the bladder was made of vulcanized rubber. Modern footballs are made of rubber and cowhide, not pigskin. Fear not, armchair quarterbacks of America The Superbowl is not at risk!


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