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Dear Sir,

I happen to agree with Buck Young on a few issues (This is not a personal attack on Mr. Young, just a critique of some of his views). He is right that English students should not study the Holocaust. They ought to study English. A recent television show on cheating presented a student who tried to pass off Shakespeare’s sonnets as his own works! He thought no one would notice? History students should study history. We are going through an unhealthy period in American history in which truly great men are being "black-washed." Thomas Jefferson, author of the Declaration of Independence, is being dragged through the mud by the very political party he created as part of their "Everybody-is-as-bad-as-Bill-Clinton" campaign. And why stop at the Nazi Holocaust? How about the Armenian massacre from 1914 – 1918? It is amazing how quietly a million Christians can die when the liberal media looks the other way. And how about studying the Soviet Gulag? The Communists had slave labor camps up and running a dozen years before the Nazis even came to power and a long time after the Nazis were beaten (Tuleja, Tad, Fabulous Fallacies, 6, 7). Here are some books on the Gulag: Solzhenitsyn, Aleksander, The Gulag Archipelago. Even a couple of Americans ended up in the Soviet labor camps – Alexander Dolgun ( An American in the Gulag) and John H. Noble (I Was a Slave in Russia and I Found God in Soviet Russia).

The claim is made that the descendents of Jacob came to Egypt as "famine refuges … created havoc … taking the gold and silver … fled into the desert." Well, not exactly. The Pharaoh invited Jacob’s family to Egypt because his prime minister was Joseph, Jacob’s son (Gen. 45:17, 18). The Hebrews fell out of favor when a new dynasty came to power (Ex. 1:8). Some scholars believe that the dynasty that welcomed the Hebrews were fellow Semites, the Hyksos (<freemaninstitute.com/Gallery/Joseph.htm>). When a new Egyptian dynasty drove out the Hyksos, they saw the Semitic Hebrews as potential enemies and enslaved them (Ex. 1:9 – 11). God gave the Hebrews gold and silver as compensation for their enslavement (Ex. 3:22). God created the havoc in Egypt (Ex. 3:19 – 20) and led the Hebrews into the desert (Ex. 13:17, 18). A contemporary Egyptian temple inscription is a prime example of political spin, "The foreigners were so abominable Pharaoh drove them out of the land [cf. Ex. 3:19; 6:1]. They were so abominable the sea rose up and washed even their footprints away."  (I heard this quote on a Discovery Channel program about the Exodus.)  The Hebrews were actually invited to Egypt by one dynasty, enslaved by another, and rescued by God.


Published as Spin in the Warsaw Times Union April 29, 2010


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