Red Ribbon Evangelism

Getting the Unsaved to Talk To You

Once I got saved, I was so happy I wanted to tell everyone about Jesus.  But after a few initial failures, my zeal was all but extinguished.  Why was Jesus my Savior so ho-hum to everyone else?  Why did my joy in His Salvation make people leery of me?  The sad fact is that most Christians have never been taught to witness.  Even pastors are leery of teaching personal evangelism.  I guess they expect or hope that people will quietly ooze into churches and join.  In the past, churches had an annual two week revival.  By my early adulthood, revivals were only a week long.  More recently they've been reduced to weekend "mini" revivals.  No wonder church attendance is dropping off!

 The first way to reverse this trend is for each of us to begin our own personal witness.  I suggest tract distribution as a start.  Even mailing tracts to people is a start.  Bur tract distribution should build up our courage and experience for personal verbal witnessing.  We can get people to talk to us by piquing their curiosity while wearing a simple short slip of red ribbon on our shirt, dress, or coat, fastened by a small safety pin.  When people ask, "What's the red for?", explain the plan of salvation to them.  Don't use a pin with a cross, a Holy Spirit dove, or an ICHTHUS fish.  That will announce to people that we're Christians, and they are less likely to ask.  Don't fold the ribbon into a loop like a cancer ribbon, or people will assume they know its purpose.  Work with other Christians in Home Bible Studies or Sunday School classes to get used to talking about Jesus, even if at first only to other Christians. Even that is progress!

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