Politically "Correct Bible                        



Recently the religious liberals have come up with another "politically correct" Bible.  This one is supposed to remove "oppressive speech" and "sexist references" to God.  The result is to neuter the Son and make the Father androgynous.

Although the Bible clearly says Jesus Christ was a man, the gender police seem intent on removing any reference to His masculinity.  His title, "the Son of God," has been changed to "child of God."  Also Jesus has been stripped of his title "Son of Man."  Now he is called "the Human One."  The Lord's original titles had great theological and prophetic significance, but the bland, politically correct alternatives neither inspire worship nor convey wisdom about the Savior of the World.

God the Father is politically corrected into a bisexual deity.  The gender corrected Lord's Prayer (excuse me -- Ruler's prayer) is addressed to our Father and Mother."  C. S. Lewis dealt with the issue of "turning all our theological language into the feminine gender ...[Innovators ask]."  Since God is in fact not a biological being and has no sex, what can it matter whether we say He or She, Father or Mother, Son or Daughter?  But Christians think that God Himself has taught us how to speak of Him. (God in the Dock, 237).  If worship or reverence fail us, perhaps common courtesy or even political correctness will prevail.  Liberals tell us that if Negroes want to be called "Afro-Americans" or Indians "Native Americans" then we should comply.  I believe we should show God the same respect.  If God wants to be addressed in the masculine, then at least common courtesy says to comply.



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