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Dear Editor,

The editorial cartoon in the Times-Union (2-6-18) showed how the NFL's protest has backfired.  The flag-kneelers say they are protesting racism and slavery, but attacked the flag and the republic for which it stands.  All they proved is that they are the gang that can't pass, punt, or kick straight.  But there is a sporting event I believe deserves to be boycotted.  I'm talking about the 2018 Winter Olympics, since it's being used as propaganda by North Korea.

North Korea is using propaganda that Communism has employed and improved on over a century of practice.  Communism got its first geo-political bases after the Russian Revolution in 1917.  Though Communism claims to be perfect and that capitalism is evil and needs to be eliminated, from the beginning  Communism has depended on capitalism to bolster their regimes (National Suicide by Anthony Sutton).  Sadly, the mainstream media has been very strongly influenced by liberalism (The NewsTwisters by Enid Efron; Bias and Arrogance by Bernard Goldberg).  Recently a pre-Olympic broadcast has been slammed for covering up and ignoring North Korea's abuse of human rights and threats to world peace by presenting a glowing picture of the "hermit kingdom" (Embarrassment of NBC news after Lester Holt apparently falls for North Korean propaganda" Brian Flood 1-23-18  One commenter likened the MSM's coverage to Walter Duranty praising Stalin during the 20's and 30's in the New York Times (motto: all the news that fits).  Lloyd Billingsly warned about forgetting the recent past in his book The Generation That Knew Not Joseph [Stalin].  Even now the liberals are focusing on Kim Jong Un's sister to put a "human face on socialism"  -- especially a pretty, feminine face.  The liberal media focuses on Kim Yo Jong and slams Vice President Mike Pence for not standing when Korea's "unified" team entered (Hannity: Media fawn over Kim Jong Un's sister and trashes Vice President Pence 2-12-18).  The liberals don't mention that Kim Yo Jong is North Korea's propaganda minister.  Falling for Communist propaganda has never stopped its advance.


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