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   April 15, 2016 under

    Muslim Immigration


Dear Editor,

Muslim immigration is a major issue in this presidential election. Ann Coulterís column "Hashtag: We Are Neville Chamberlain" (Times Union3-25-16 Fri 4A) points out "When people are killing in the name of their religion, itís not an irrelevancy to refuse to keep admitting more practitioners of that religion." Why do Muslims keep streaming into America and the Western world? Why canít the "perfect religion" produce a society its own followers want to live in? Muslims donít immigrate and assimilate. They colonize and proselytize. Even refugees from tyrannical Muslim leaders carry the jihadist mentality and vision of the world-wide caliphate with them. They not only want to drag their own failed system with them, they want to force it on us at taxpayerís expense ( "Problem of Muslim immigration Rise of Islamism").

At least some liberals are catching on. At Forward, Allen Clifton has written two articles on Islam that defy mindless liberal support of "the religion of peace" aptly titled "Iím running out of ways to defend Islam (1/8/16)" and "Iím simply running out of ways to defend Islam (7/17/15)". Itís easy for Moslem leaders of even non-terrorist states to condemn terrorism while committing violations of human rights daily. Even non-terrorist Islamic states are hostile to freedoms we have in America. Why do liberals want more people with this anit-freedom mentality in our country?

Both Allen Clifton and Cal Thomas agree we must not accept this violence as "the new normal." (See "Must Terrorism Be the New Normal" Times Union 3-29-16 Tues 4A) Cal said, "There is still time to turn things around." The web site has petitions to "Help Stop/Limit Muslim immigration into your country." I like their motto Ė "It isnít Islamophobia when they really ARE trying to kill you."




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