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                   July 16, 2013

            Under Liberals & Muslims

Dear Editor,

The Benghazi riot investigation continues looking into the possibility of a coverup. But I believe the obvious scandal isnít a potential political coverup, but the blatantly obvious biased coverage by the liberal media.

The smoke of the latest murderous riot by the "Religion of Peace" hadnít cleared before the PC/MC pundits found a scapegoat Ė an amateur video "The Innocence of Muslims." In his column "Can the Film Really Be That Potent?" conservative pundit Jonah Goldberg points out how flimsy this alibi really is (Times Union (9-19-12, p 4A).

On Hardball (Sept-12-12) Chris Matthews thundered that people have to quit mocking Islam. Why? Could it be that liberals know but donít want to admit even to themselves that Islam is really the Religion of Perpetual Outrage? Why donít liberals ever say that people have to quit mocking Christianity? They know Christians are nowhere near as violent or vindictive as Moslems. Liberals mock Christianity and say they are speaking truth to power. They cower before Islam and claim they are being tolerant, understanding, and, of course, compassionate. Or is that cowardly?

Host of the current TV show "Full Court Press," liberal pundit Bill Press said we have to get not only the people who killed the embassy staff, but who put out the video ( Bill Press: Anti-Islam Filmmaker, Jack Coleman, 9/18/12). How come liberals never say we have to get people who put out anti-Christian movies? Instead, those who make anti-Christian movies, like Norman Jewison (Jesus Christ Superstar, 1973), Martin Scorsese (Last Temptation of Christ, 1988), and Ron Howard (Da Vinci Code, 2006) are praised for bravery and insight by the liberal media. Arenít they afraid these films will spark world wide riots by radical extremist Christians? I guess not. But not to worryópeople who offend Islam have been taken care of. Nakoula Baseley Nakoula who made the video "The Innocence of Muslims" was questioned by the government then later jailed on unrelated matters (Jihad 2013/050. Theo Van Gogh, Dutch filmmaker, was stabbed to death in the streets of Amsterdam by Mohammed Bouyeri for insulting Islam because he made the movie "Submission" (2004) about the plight of Moslem women under Sharia law. Dutch parliamentarian Geert Wilders made a film "Fitna" (2008), exposing Islamís methods and agenda for world domination and has been under a death threat ever since. These videos can be seen at More videos can be seen at I believe the liberal media seized on these riots to push hate speech laws to stop any criticism, disagreement, or examination of Islam. Multi-million dollar movies canít provoke Christians to riot, but a cheap video provokes Moslems to a murderous rage. As President Obamaís former chief of staff Rahn Emanuel said, "Never let a serious crisis go to waste."


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