Printed in the Warsaw Times Union                         

                                                   July 18, 2016 under "Liberal Agenda"


Dear Editor,

Rahm Emmanuel said, "You never let a serious crisis go to waste." The liberals are milking the Orlando shooting for all it’s worth. 1) A shooting – round up all the guns. Cal Thomas said in a recent column that laws have never prevented crime (Better Armed and Dangerous than Gun Free" 6-20-2016). 2) Homosexual victims – Keep pushing the Gay Agenda. Liberals don’t want prayer or sympathy from Christians – just total capitulation followed by complete submission ("Orlando Shooting was an attack on Gay people" by Michael Lindenberger 6-15-2016). 3) The shooter was a Muslim. As Jonah Goldberg said, "A registered Democrat murdered 49 Americans at a gay nightclub in the name of the Islamic State and the smart set insists that conservative Christians are somehow to blame" (The Wisdom of Mencken, Nock Seems Fresh" p 4A 6-29-16).

Liberals and Gay Libbers regularly trash Christians for opposing the Gay Agenda. These same people ignore Islam’s centuries of homosexual persecution (See "What does Islam teach about Homosexuality?" Liberal double standards are obvious. Muslims are never criticized or mentioned even when they call for the execution of homosexuals, but Christians are pilloried in the liberal media for disagreeing with the Gay Agenda or refusing to bake their wedding cakes ("Pastors Opposing ‘Gay Rights’ targeted while Muslims Execute Gays" by Rachel Molschky Cherson and See the Mallard Fillmore cartoon in the Times Union P4A 6-29-2016 for the hypocrisy in black and white. Google "Islam and Homosexuality" on the Internet.

Even some liberals see the double standard. Allen Clifton pointed this out in his article "Liberals are Being Hypocritical About One Thing Regarding the massacre in Orlando" ( June 202016). Clifton calls out liberals for their "unconditional defense of Islam." No wonder he wrote an article entitled, "Why I’ve decided to stop calling myself a liberal" ( 12-29-14). This is only the beginning of conflicts when two liberal protectorates – Homosexuals and Muslims – clash. But the Left will always have their favorite whipping boy to blame – Christiams. As the man says, "You ain’t seen nothing’ yet."


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