Q. Does Jesus talk about homosexuality?

A. Liberals like to say Jesus Christ never condemned homosexual acts and hence that means it is okay. But, is that accurate? Jesus Himself gave Sodom as an example of divine judgment (Matt. 11:23, 24). Some try to say Sodom�s sin was inhospitality, not immorality. But those closest to Jesus would disagree. Simon Peter, one of the original twelve apostles (Lk. 6:14) taught that Sodom was destroyed because of its �filthy conduct� (2 Pet. 2:6, 7). Jude, one of Jesus� earthly brothers, (Mk. 6:3; Jude, v. 1, cf. v. Gal 1:19) said Sodom was destroyed for sexual sins (Jude, v.7). I accept the teaching of Jesus� close friend and His own brother over that of liberals speaking two thousand years after the fact who want to turn God�s grace into a license to sin (Jude, v. 4).

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William Michael Kelly
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