Dear Editor,

Every year about this time, the liberals break out their sackcloth and ashes to lament the atomic bombing of Hiroshima.  Only America would be so evil, they lament. Japan was beaten, ready to surrender, and America nuked Japan for racist or  political reasons. But is this accurate?


First of all, the world's major powers were all working on nuclear weapons, including Japan.  In fact, Japan was ahead of Nazi Germany in atomic research and planning to use nuclear weapons in combat from nuking invading troops to exploding atomic bombs in the midst of enemy bomber squadrons and naval fleets (Robert Wilcox, Japan's Secret War, 47).


Secondly, Japan was not ready to surrender.  The allies agreed to defeat Germany first so most allied efforts were concentrated in Europe.  According to the History Channel, Japan had thousands of aircraft available and an army of two million men. Even after the Emperor agreed to end the war, some military leaders planned to overthrow him and keep the war going.


Thirdly, liberals claim that America nuked Japan for racist reasons. However, the A-bomb was developed originally to be used on Nazi Germany.  Also, they like to ignore Japan's racist attitudes toward Koreans, Chinese, and Filipinos.  (Believe it or not, whites are not the only bigots on earth.)   As well, liberals like to ignore Japan's racist crimes against Allied POW's in WWII.  Forty percent of our POW's died in Japanese confinement camps compared to one percent in Nazi confinement. I guess liberals believe racism is wrong only when whites are guilty.  Koreans, Chinese and Filipinos wonder why we stopped at two A-bombs.


Fourth, liberals claim another reason for the  nuking of Japan was "atomic diplomacy" to intimidate the USSR.  But Stalinists at the time praised the bombing. Atomic diplomacy was first promoted after the war by peace activist Bertrand Russell who proposed nuking Russia (Paul Bolles, Not So!, 152, 163).


Finally, liberals like to suggest that Japan was an innocent victim of America.  Whatever its other crimes, Japan was not guilty of developing atomic weapons and thus did not deserve to be nuked. But, according to the History Channel, Japan was planning to drop a dirty bomb (a conventional explosive packed in radioactive material) on our west coast in late August, 1945. Would the liberals repent in sackcloth and ashes or rejoice if Japan had dirty bombed California? I am sorry we had to nuke Japan, but I believe we had to.


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