The Ground Zero Mosque

"No to Mosques"

Printed in the Warsaw Times Union 2-7-12

The liberal defenders of the Ground Zero Mosque usually make three claims. They claim Cordoba House isnít at Ground Zero, it isnít a mosque, and that it violates freedom of religion to deny Moslems Park 51 as a building site. (3 Reasons the Ground Zero Mosque Debate makes no sense, Gladstone 8/20/10. Itís too bad that liberal advocates for the Ground Zero Mosque are being undermined by the very people they are trying to help Ė the Moslems.

The first claim liberal apologists make is that Cordoba House isnít even going to be built at Ground Zero. However, Feisal Abdul Rauf, an imam and chief promoter of the project has referred to the location as Ground Zero. The proposed site of Cordoba House is the Burlington Coat Factory struck by the landing gear of one of the hijacked jet liners crashed into the World Trade Center. If Moslems can call the debris field part of Ground Zero, why canít the rest of us? ("Fact checking the AP ĎFact Checkí on the Ground Zero Mosque" Frank Gaffney, 8/20/10,

The second claim liberal apologists make is that Cordoba House is supposed to be a community center with a prayer room, not a mosque. However, Daisy Khan, the wife of Imam Rauf, spoke at a public meeting about Cordoba House and said, "There are 200 mosques in New York. Whatís the problem with another?" If Moslems can call Cordoba House a mosque, why canít the rest of us? (SIOA at Manhattan Community Board Meeting on the 9/11 mosque Ė The fix was in Robert Spencer, May 25, 2010.

The third claim liberal apologists make is that opposition to building Cordoba House at Park 51 denies religious freedom and is motivated by "Islamophobia." But freedom of religion doesnít guarantee anyone the right to build a house of worship anywhere they want. I know of a group of Christians given a plot of land specifically for building a church. But local residents didnít want a church in their neighborhood. Because of community opposition, the local government declined to rezone the area for church construction. Interestingly enough, the Christians did not go on a shooting and burning rampage. Though disappointed, they did not whine about being victims of "Christianophobia." If communities can oppose construction of a church, why canít communities oppose construction of a mosque? As I said in a previous letter "Islamís Threat" (Times Union, Sept 9, 2010, the Ground Zero Mosque symbolizes Islamic supremacism, not freedom of religion, a right Islam denies everyone else.

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