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April 30, 2013

Under "Gay Agenda"


Dear Editor,

As Cal Thomas said in a recent column (3-12-13, TU P 4A "The Sound of Same Sex Marriage Inevitable") that the Left and Gay Libbers are treating the legalization of same sex marriage as a done deal. The truth is out there, but it needs to get out in time to do any good. We need to know the truth about Gay libís history, tactics, and goals to see what the results of the sexual revolution will be.

Recently Ron Reagan (Hardball 2-26-13 TU) said the only objection to gay marriage was religious. He seems to forget there used to be a psychological objection to homosexuality. Pro-gay activists try to claim the APA (American Psychiatric Association) removed homosexuality from its list of mental illnesses as a result of science and sweet reason. But Newsweek Magazine (hardly a religious right publication) said that Gay Lib used threats and thuggery to force the APA to give in to its demands. (8-23-71 p 47). Not only did Gay Lib disrupt APA conferences, they even publicized the names, addresses, and phone numbers of APA members to keep up the harassment full time (atheism-analyzed blog on homosexuality.html). Even so, only32.7% of the APA voted to remove homosexuality from their list of mental illnesses but the Left treats it like an overwhelming victory for tolerance and enlightenment. Even Barbara Gittings said the APAís capitulation was a political victory (

Liberals scoff at the idea this will lead down a slippery slope to sexual and social anarchy. But if these tactics work for homosexuals, why not other perverts? One group getting organized and politically active are pederasts or child molesters with organizations like NAMBLA. The APA already has a proven track record of caving to political pressure. The Left says that pederasty is a mental illness, but they used to say that homosexuality was a mental illness, too, before they decided it was the "new normal." Now that the politicians and the psychiatrists are accommodating the Lesbians and Gays of the LGBT, they will have to accommodate the Bisexuals and Transgenders next. Perhaps liberals will condone bigamy for bisexuals because "biís" are supposedly genetically predetermined to want sex with males and females. I am not looking forward to the day when psychological wholeness will be defined as "If it feels good, do it," and agitprop replaces research.


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