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The Democratic party's wardrobe malfunction is coming back on them.  Recently, even CNN reported "Congressional Democrats criticized for wearing kente cloth at event honoring George Floyd" ( 6-8-20).  Not only are liberals guilty of what they condemn in others: cultural appropriation -- but they got it wrong!  Kente cloth originated ammong the Ashanti tribe in modern Ghana.  The Ashanti captured other blacks and sold them into slavery/  After the British abolished slavery in 1807, they fought the Achanti to stop them from enslaving others (Wonders of the African World -- Episodes: Slave Kingdoms; Ashanti Kingdom  Whites fighting the enslavement of blacks by other blacks in Africa?  Why don't we hear about this more?


P.S. (Based on articles I found after my letter was published.)

Remember that the enslavement of Africans began in Africa by Africans.  Shouldn't they be first on the blame game list?  Ghana is at least taking some blame ("Ghana's 'Year of Return' is emotional on both sides of the slave trade  8-23-19).  They apologize for selling others into slavery and offer land to Afro-Americans who return.  There was no mention of forty acres and a mule. Now celebrity blowhards like Samuel L. Jackson who talk about leaving the USA for Africa when their candidate loses will have to put their money where their mouths are.  At least one person did (the African American who moved to Ghana to escape US racism by Favour Numoo 8-42-19).  At least he's no longer a minority!

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