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August, 2020


They're at it again -- or maybe they never stopped.  During the 2016 election, the Democrats kept saying they were worried that Trump wouldn't accept the results if he lost the vote (The Left's Reaction (1-30-17) and Keep the Electoral College 3-14-17 Times Union archives).  But Trump won the election.  And who didn't accept the results?  Antifa rioted in the streets and Democrats who opposed the Electoral College as recist and antiquated tried to use it to deny Trump the presidency.  A little consistency, please.  Now, as the 2020 election approaches the liberal media are talking about civil war.  [Are we ready for civil war lite?  John M. Crisp july 27, 2020].  Last presidential election the Democrats wanted to get rid of the electoral college because Hillary lost ["High Court opens to Electoral College Subversion 7-136-20].  But what if this backfires on the Democrats?  What if Trump wins the popular vote, but the Democrats win the Electoral College?  Will they now graciously step aside and demand the popular vote winner become President?  Something to think about.  We may be headed for another2016 (another Electoral College - popular vote split?  It's possible.  For a laugh from the past, watch the video "Holy Meltdown, Batman"  and "The Funniest 'Trump Can't Win' compilation" - Mark Conklin on You Tube.


P.S. 1)  Doug Schoen: Presidential race is much closer than many now think  9-13-20

        2)  Will Democrats use the nuclear option to blow lup the Election 9-13-20  Kristin Tate


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