The Bible Vs. The Koran

Which is not for Burning?

The news media was full of concern over the proposed but ultimately cancelled Koran burning on 9/11. But the same media ignored the actual Bible burning carried out in May of 2010 by the Iranian government. "Iranian security forces burn hundreds of Bibles, Christians riot Ė no waitó" (, Sept. 20, 2010).

Why didnít President Obama and General Petraeus urge President Ahmadinejad not to spark world wide riots by burning those Bibles? Why didnít Chris Matthews and the gals from "The View" warn us that this Bible-burning would be used as a recruiting tool by radical Christian terrorists world wide for the next Crusade against the poor innocent Moslems? Probably because the liberals know that rioting by "radical Christian terrorists" is not very likely. Yet those same liberals are very sensitive about Islam, because they know that the adherents of the "Religion of Peace" are very prone to violence over the slightest real or imagined insult. As Clifford May said in his recent column, "Gender Apartheid Becomes Mainstream" that "kowtowing has become a reflex" for some "people camouflaging their fears as principles, secretly hoping that if they refrain from pointing out anything negative about Islam, if they can make themselves inoffensive to Muslims, they will be safe." (ít_ we_criticize_whats_wrong_with_Islam). Liberals know which religion they should really fear and it isnít Christianity.

So why do Moslems feel free to so openly show contempt for the Scriptures of their "fellow Abrahamic faiths"? Because they donít believe the Judeo-Christian Scriptures are the "genuine Bible." According to Islam, the "genuine Bible" is packed full of prophecies about Mohammed, the final prophet. But when Mohammed appeared, Moslems claim those evil Christians and Jews corrupted the Bible by removing all the prophecies about Mohammed. So they say the present Bible isnít genuine and deserves to be destroyed because itís leading people astray. These claims by Moslems are easily disproved. There exist thousands of copies of the Bible, Old and New Testament, that were written hundreds of years before Mohammed was born.  (

_and_their_dhimmi_covenant_by_distorting_what_Allah_sent). The Dead Sea Scrolls were sealed up in the caves at Qumran since the first century and are a thousand years older than any previous Old Testament texts. Are we to believe those e-e-e-evil Jews sneaked into Qumran, rewrote the Dead Sea Scrolls then sealed the cave back up until the twentieth century?  In addition, there are more copies of the New Testament that predate the writing of the Koran than are available of any other unchallenged ancient document.  And this does not include massive quotations by church fathers beginning in the first century and going clear into the thirteenth century that number more than a million. For Christians and Jews to have perpetrated the kind of fraud that Islam accuses them of is beyond belief (check out Lee Strobel's excellent book, The Case for the Real Jesus, Grand Rapids: Zondervan Books, 2008)For introductory information on the Bibleís authenticity, see Ken Boaís Iím Glad You Asked and Paul Littleís Know Why You Believe. More detailed information can be found in F.F. Bruce's The New Testament Documents: Are They Reliable? and Walter Kaiser's The Old Testament Documents: Are They Reliable? Also read William Sanford LaSorís The Dead Sea Scrolls and The Dead Sea Scrolls and the New Testament. On line James Arlandson discusses the authenticity of the Gospels at americanthinker. com/2007/03/the_manuscripts_tell_the_story.html and  Also see "Is the Bible Corrupted?" www.antisharia,com/2011/02/08/is_the_Bible_corrupted_video_by_jay_smith/

The destruction of Bibles by Moslems may not cause world wide riots by "radical Christians" (see, Itís the Christians!), but it does make all this talk about "fellow monotheists" ring hollow. The mainstream media claim to have no bias. Iíll believe in their objectivity when actual Bible burnings by Moslems get as much media coverage as proposed Koran burnings by Christians.

Published in the Warsaw Times Union 12-3-10 as "Turn the cheek and Double Standards"


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