Witnessing 101 -- Baby Steps

    Dear Brother and Sister in Christ,

    The reason the church is losing membership is all too sad and all too obvious -- Christians are not witnessing enough.  One of the biggest reasons for this lack of witnessing is the clergy-laity division. For centuries, Christians have been convinced that only the paid professionals should do the witnessing.  ("We pay the pastor to do that," is a major cop-out.)  Evangelism usually takes two forms today -- preaching to huge crowds or going door to door.  Thankfully, concerned Christians have developed witnessing programs to involve the laity.  But often these programs fail for a couple of reasons. First, these programs are new to most people, and many are reluctant to try them. (You know the church's motto, "We never did it this way before.")  Secondly, the participants see no immediate results or rewards.  They drop out during the weeks of training, and few of the graduates go on to witness.  I believe the best way to overcome these problems is to start Christians out distributing tracts.  First, asking people to hand out tracts is not as emotionally demanding as asking them to talk to other people about Jesus.  Indeed, tract distribution can be an excellent training method for new witnesses.  Secondly, Christians can see immediate results.  Leaving tracts on car doors or under windshield wiper blades is a real accomplishment.  As a witness grows in experience, he can begin personal contact by giving a tract to someone sitting in their car.  Once a Christian begins witnessing, he will feel bolder and see the need to learn more, then he may be ready for other witnessing programs to help increase his skills to face new situations and new people.  Witnesses can team up with other Christians and share there experiences to increase their efficiency.

    Next I will look at preparations for tract witnessing.

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